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Les Ateliers Fourès

Have been designing and producing leather goods since 1969.

We owned our workshops located in the South of France, near Haut Languedoc where leather is a millenial heritage.

Our very natural French leathers have special, enjoyable and addictive sensation touch. They will acquire a unique patina over time. Having one of our leather goods in your hands should convince you about this quality.

Every step of the leatherwork, cutting, skiving, hand lasting, embossing, lining, edging, sewin,  is realized by golden fingers craftspeople of Les Ateliers Fourès workshops. We are very proud of our fabulous and highly skilled team.


Only few brands have their own workshops. This end-to-end mastery of both creation and manufacturing process guarantees the quality and constancy of our products.

Our bags are beautiful and functional and their solid manufacturing and distinguished quality have been proved since years. Our small leather-goods are crafted with a particular double folded edges method which gives their unique elegance.

Our French hand-made products will suit men and women, searching for sincere and reliable high quality leather goods to follow them in real life.

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The workshop
Leather sewing
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